Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1988.


Graduates in fine arts at AKV St.Joost in 2013 and starts working as an artist and designer. Developing a jewellery line and building terrazzo interiors.



"I’m working as an artist and designer in Amsterdam. Because I come from a household of architects my work refers a lot to architecture and construction. I have a


romantic approach to the different materials you would normally find on a construction site. I started as 2D-animator and as a graphic designer of video for a television


network. I work as a graphic designer developing several patterns such as marble and terrazzo patterns and I make posters and publications."



“A new tool or a certain construction can be a subject or a starting point of a new project.”











Atelier bunker


Rijnlanderweg 884 B


2132 ML Hoofddorp


+31 63 38 84 703